The Birth Place Amenities

The Birth Place is designed with family in mind. Your comfort is important to us. The in-suite amenities you can expect include:

  • A comfortable sleeping couch for the second parent or a guest
  • Private shower and whirlpool tub
  • Kitchenette and small dining area
  • Room service meals and housekeeping services when it’s convenient for you
  • Specialized operating rooms and advanced technology for those needing a cesarean birth
  • A Level II Special Care Nursery
  • A special family room where adoptive families can bond with their newborn
Our Special Care Nursery Breastfeeding Support

Labor & Delivery

Once you arrive to The Birth Place, nurses will help you get comfortable in your suite, take your vitals, and begin monitoring your labor progress. Labor can take many hours. Our nurses will be on hand to support you throughout this process, and our one-to-one nurse-to-patient ratio means that you will have one dedicated nurse with you during active labor. To maximize safety for parent and baby, an OB/GYN physician and certified nurse midwife (CNM) are on-site 24/7. That means you won’t need to wait for the provider to travel to the hospital. Instead, the provider who will deliver your baby is already there and your nurse will alert them as you get close to delivering.

Comfort measures available to you include showering or using a whirlpool tub, and various supportive positions to promote cervical dilation, manage pain, and help you relax. We utilize wireless fetal monitoring, so you will be free to move around during labor. Medical pain management options include pain medication and epidurals. Your provider will work with you to find the best option for you.

We also give parents who have previously had a cesarean birth (C-section) the opportunity to try for a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). Talk to your provider about the benefits and risks of VBAC based on your medical history.

Should your birth experience include a C-section, there are two operating rooms located within The Birth Place and your support person can remain with you for the birth. Our OB/GYN physicians perform gentle C-sections, which include dim lighting, a quiet environment, and a see-through curtain so parents can see their babies being born. The newborns are also placed on the parents’ chest after birth, enabling immediate skin-to-skin contact.

Southern New Hampshire Medical Center is one of very few hospitals throughout New England to use the Jada System to rapidly control and treat postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) abnormal postpartum uterine bleeding, allowing for parents to recover more easily and decreasing the need for blood product transfusions. This cutting-edge technology not only makes delivery safer, but also allows parents to spend valuable time bonding with their babies immediately after birth.

We encourage all expectant parents to consider comfort measures and pain management options and to develop a plan that best meets your needs and desires. Our team wants your birth experience to be positive, so we partner with you to understand your unique needs and wishes while keeping parent and baby safe and healthy.

Welcoming Baby

In most cases, once your baby has arrived, the services you both need will be provided in your suite. Your baby will room-in with you, you will meet with an experienced lactation consultant, and, before you and baby are discharged, a pediatric hospitalist will examine your baby to ensure they are ready to go home.

Additionally, our Level II Specialty Care Nursery  is just down the hall from The Birth Place for babies who need extra support due to issues like infection, birth defect, or prematurity. The Special Care Nursery is staffed by a neonatologist, pediatric hospitalists, nurses, and other providers who are experts in caring for babies with challenges like illness and prematurity.

About Southern New Hampshire Medical Center

Southern New Hampshire Health (SNHH) is comprised of Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, a 188-bed acute care facility located in the heart of downtown Nashua, and Foundation Medical Partners, a multi-specialty provider group. SNHH is committed to improving, maintaining, and preserving the overall health and well-being of individuals living in the greater Nashua area by providing information, education, and access to exceptional health care services.

SNHH is a founding member of SolutionHealth, a regional, non-profit health system dedicated to providing highly coordinated, high-quality, and value-based care to improve the health and well-being of residents in the communities it serves.

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Our clinical affiliation with Massachusetts General Hospital includes Mass General physicians, on the ground as members of our care teams in southern New Hampshire. Our patients have access to medical advances, clinical trials, research, and new treatments from Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University’s first and largest teaching hospital, recognized as the #1 hospital in the nation by U.S. News and World Report.

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